Roger H Hanscom



Position in systems/programming/Web/technical training.


7/00 - 4/05    systems programmer     Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 
   Earth and Environmental Sciences:

System administration and support of Unix systems used by a diverse group of scientists. Automated system builds, performance tuning of network backup, and management of GPL software. Support of Apache/PHP/MySQL. Primarily Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, and a few SGI Irix.

  Open LabNet:

System administration, configuration, and tuning of systems used to support institutional services, such as POP mail, virus scanning, and name services. The environment is mostly Sun Solaris (2.7 and 2.8) on En-250 and -450 hardware. f5 BigIP network controllers used for load balancing and address translation. Open LabNet maintains about 130 servers and workstations. Shell and Perl scripting and C programming. Experience with configuring and maintaining virus scanners and spam filters. Design and implementation of Web-based tools for monitoring systems, performance and security software. Wrote scripts based on Perl/DBI and GD-based graphics.

4/98 - 6/00           senior software engineer           Quality Systems, Inc.

Consulting with Government agency on Unix systems. Management of Sun servers (En-3000, 3500, 6500, and 450 with A-1000 and D-1000 storage systems, and running Solaris 2.5.1 and 2.6). Sybase and Oracle database environments. Scripting (Perl and C-shell), and experience with Apache (integrated with FrontPage), Netscape Enterprise Server, and GNU software development tools. Installation and support of licensed software products. Lotus Notes development.

10/96 - 3/98                software engineer                   TRW Incorporated 

Systems design and integration on a pilot program to evaluate the feasibility of handling and exploiting imagery with readily available, and relatively inexpensive, hardware. I configured and maintained Sun servers with an average of about half a terabyte of on-line storage, each. These servers were running Solaris 2.5.1 and 2.6, and the Veritas Volume Manager, and were networked with Fore ATM and fast ethernet. Experience with configuration, management, and performance tuning of large file systems on RAID devices. Developed a tape library management system using Perl and mSQL. Developed a system of Perl scripts to gather and display statistical information about daily imagery flow, and automatically produce web-accessible summary diagrams of the results.

11/95 - 10/96                   systems analyst                Cray Research 

Supporting Cray's SPARC/Solaris compatible CS6400 server product, and working application and operating system issues on that platform. Applications programming (solution of large matrices) on C90 and YMP (Unicos) systems with attached T3Ds.

11/91 - 10/95      network systems engineer       Argonne National Laboratory 

Consultant to a modeling and simulation group for the Joint Chiefs of Staff. System and applications support for a Unix-based network of high performance systems. Experience includes UNIX system administration, security issues, and hardware evaluation. Code optimization, parallelization, and conversion for multiprocessing architectures. SunOS, and Solaris 2.x. Experience with Sun's MT compilers, and thread and process management in a multiprocessor environment. Mosaic and http on a network with no external connections.

11/85 - 10/91     math programmer      Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 

Managed a number of UNIX networks. Diskless and diskfull Sun and DEC workstations, Sun and Solbourne servers, and X-terminals. Hardware and software evaluation. I was responsible for hardware installation, system and application software, network maintenance, planning, and monitoring network performance. Experience with SunOS, Ultrix, TCP/IP, and kernel modification for LINCS protocol. Consulting on programming, code optimization, and networking problems. Code conversion (Prime to Sun and Sun to Cray). Graphics software evaluation. Graphics application development on Sun workstations.

1/76 - 11/85    software engineer

During this time period I was employed in the petroleum industry doing computer applications in geological exploration. My employers included Amoco, Phillips 66, and Standard of Ohio. Applications included computer mapping, statistical analysis, graphics, microcomputer based data collection, voice I/O, and image processing. IBM, DEC, and array processor hardware.

9/72 - 12/75       senior scientist         University of Virginia 

Post doctoral study in the School of Engineering, Department of Materials Science. Teaching, advising graduate students, and materials research.

Programming Languages

I have programmed in many of the procedural languages, with the exception of Cobol and Ada, and some functional languages. My programming experience includes Perl, C, C++, PHP, and SmallTalk. I have worked with object oriented design. I have also had experience with a number of scripting languages (such as the C shell, bash, Korn shell, or DCL) and "make". My background includes graphics application programming with several different graphics packages, and I've worked extensively with the TeX text formatting language. I also have a working knowledge of SQL, and am familiar with most of the commonly used database systems, including msql and MySQL.

Additional Training

Sun system administration (1988), Object Oriented Design (1988), audited U.C. Davis computer science courses at the Masters level (1986-1989), Bradford Project Management (1990), Unix Network Administration and Security (Interop '91), C++ Programming (1994), Sun Multithreading Seminar (1994), various Unicos topics (1996), Sybase 11 Administration (1998), Intro. to BigIP con- troller (2000), Veritas File System and Storage Manager (2001), Solaris Internals and Performance (2002), Veritas Clustering (2003), and Red Hat Systems Administration (2004).


I hold a Bachelor's Degree from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and graduate degrees from Harvard University , Cambridge, Massachusetts. All are in the physical sciences.


Will be forwarded on request.

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